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a place of refuge

a place of refuge

Eight waterfront cabins perched on a secluded corner of the Essequibo River deep in the Iwokrama Rain Forest

Revive your senses and awaken your curiosity

Dispense with the stresses and cares of modern life and experience the sights and sounds of a vast pristine landscape in the heart of Guyana. Let us connect you to the pulses and rhythms of a thriving natural world where you can refocus, re-center, and relax. Comfortable rooms, riverfront patios, freshly prepared meals, expert naturalists and guides, and a uniquely warm brand of Guyanese hospitality await you in our little corner of paradise.



Immerse yourself in a pristine rain forest rich in biodiversity, steeped in history, and free of crowds


More than 800 bird species to be found


Teeming wildlife in a protected rainforest


Essequibo's stunning marine biodiversity


Explore the canopy from 30 meters up

The Iwokrama Rain Forest is one of South America’s bird watching hotspots

Iwokrama features many of Guyana’s 800+ species, with a relatively high densities of larger frugivorous birds such as cracids, cotingas and parrots as compared to other forested areas in the Guiana Shield or Amazonia. A nearby harpy eagle nest is frequently active, and a Guianan cock-of-the-rock lek on the edge of the Iwokrama reserve provides nearly-guaranteed sighting of this key target species. Whether you’re a bird photographer, an avid tick-list bird watcher, or a novice just fascinated with rich avian life, our guides will make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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No matter how often you’ve heard the term biodiversity, you have to experience it first-hand

Our lodge is nestled in one of the world’s most prolific ecosystems, teeming with birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, aquatic life, trees, plants, and flowers. And, for more than a decade Iwokrama has served as a center of learning for Guyana’s most talented and observant naturalist guides who curate this remarkable collection of natures wonders. As the centre for guide training in Guyana and a full-fledged research centre, there isn’t a place on earth where naturalists and nature are in closer proximity to one another!

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No visit to Iwokrama is complete without experiencing dawn chorus from the waters of the Essequibo River

Considering the size and density of the rain forest its no wonder that rivers are the highways and byways of Guyana’s remote interior region. No visit to Iwokrama is complete without experiencing dawn chorus from the waters of the Essequibo River or trolling slowly along the overgrown riverbanks at sunset to observe the rainforest’s nocturnal awakenings. We’re a short boat ride from the gushing Kurupukari Falls where village children dip and dive with wild abandon surrounded by ancient Amerindian petroglyphs.

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From 30 metres up, you will be eye to eye with tree dwellers rarely seen from the ground

Situated 90 minutes south of the River Lodge, the four-deck Canopy Walkway gives you yet another perspective on the birds and mammals of the forest. At 30 metres up in the tree-tops you will be eye to eye with many of the tree dwellers that are rarely seen from the ground. Early risers making their way to the walkway at sunrise are treated to a dawn chorus crescendo (and hot coffee), while sunset is a leisurely opportunity for sundowners and a steady stream of colorful creatures settling down for the evening.

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take a closer look at what makes Guyana one of the world's most important biodiversity hotspots

An intersection of science, conservation, and tourism

The Iwokrama forest and its research centre form a unique venture which is proving the concept of a truly sustainable forest – where conservation, environmental balance and economic use can be mutually reinforcing. The three largest research projects underway currently are the Forest Research Network; the Guiana Shield Initiative; and a capacity-building programme to support national initiatives in reducing deforestation and degradation. Visitors frequently encounter PhD and post-doctoral teams whose field work is based in the Iwokrama Forest.

Iwokrama Riverlodge COVID-19 Tourism Protocols

Providing assurance for a clean and healthy environment for visitors and staff at Iwokrama locations. The Iwokrama Hygiene and Sanitation Protocol is an addition to Iwokrama’s Safety and Health Manual. This new protocol is implemented as a result of the COVID – 19 Pandemic. It includes new guidelines and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff, tourists and other visitors. This Protocol is subject to change without notice and is based on current Government of Guyana regulations and other health and safety best practices.